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Fireproof Safe Reviews

These are probably the most popular of all our safes on review. Many are bestsellers and have been for a number of years. Within the reviews we go into detail about every safe’s fireproofing capabilities including its official fire test rating and how long it is able to withstand a certain amount of heat in a certain amount of time. The most popular fire safes are the 1 hour fireproof safes which tend to have quite a few other features built in.

Gun Safe Reviews

These range from small in car gun storage to huge long gun safes for the home or office. Gun safes are also hugely popular and come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed for quick access to your handgun, usually featuring some sort of biometric door release. Others have other forms of digital locking mechanisms or a combination device. If you have children in your home make sure you pick something with high security options.

Diversion Safe Reviews

These are really cool products which are basically everyday items with secret compartments. These were not so popular a few years back but now there is a massive supply of very interesting secret diversion safes. There arebooks with hidden compartments, stash containers made from soda cans, clocks with secret compartments, shaving bottles, spray cans, electrical sockets, hair brushes and much more.

Biometric Fingerprint Safe Reviews

These are the new technology in safe security. You will find many of these on quick access gun safes but are also available in other forms. These are a great alternative to the standard combination safe or key lock safe. You will never have to worry about remembering a combination code or waste time hunting for a lock key you misplaced. Just place your fingers on the dash and within seconds the door automatically opens.

Small Safe Reviews

All of these are designed for securing much smaller items and many are also lightweight for portability. Some of the more popular small safes are 1 hour fire proofed which is very handy for keeping irreplaceable items free from damage in case of a fire. Most of these are under $100 some even less than $30 but remember if you require more features expect to pay more.

Wall Safe Reviews

These are permanent safes designed for being built into a wall. You can put these in yourself but they do require some knowledge of DIY. It is recommended to hire a professional to fit the safe for you though. Wall safes come in various shapes and sizes.

Just like in the movies you can have wall safes that are hidden behind a picture whereas some can be hidden away inside a cupboard. Some come with a number of additional features but you would expect to pay more for those models. Having said that, the general prices of wall safes are still fairly reasonable. These are the types of safes we feature on Home Safe Reviews although we plan to expand the reviews as new styles of safes are released.

Long Gun Safe Reviews

Basically these are much bigger versions of the standard gun safe. Most are in a similar design to a gun cabinet but offer better security for your guns. They are made with all kinds of materials depending on how much security you require. A high security long gun safe would be made with the best toughened materials and its price would reflect this. You can store rifles, shotguns, automatic guns, handguns, bow and arrows, other large weapons as well as knives and ammo.

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