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Affordable Dorm Safes – College Dorm Security Safes

Dorm room safe boxAffordable Dorm Safes

There are several affordable dorm safes available for every college student on any type of budget. Protecting yourself and your possessions does not need to be costly or complicated. The college transition period can be stressful and cumbersome, which is why selecting a dorm security safe should be an inexpensive, fun, and easy process.

Small Safes Small Safes & Lock Boxes

Small safes and lock boxes come in a variety of sizes and can be the perfect addition to any college dorm in order to safely secure emergency cash, jewelry, self-defense items, and all other valuable or protected belongings. There are several different types of small college dorm safes and lock boxes that can be permanently bolted to a desired location or securely fastened with a cable. Dorm safes with cables are ideal for students that frequently change dorm rooms, live in temporary housing, or travel for vacation or study abroad. These safes are extremely small and light, but reliable and secure enough to protect your belongings.

Safe document storage Document Safes

Document safes are one of the most popular affordable dorm safes because not only do they serve as a method to protect documents, but also serve as a document filing system so that the busy college student has a simple method to stay organized. Document safes can protect your passport, birth certificate, social security card, tax documents, receipts for large purchases or money transfers, as well as large purchase documents, such as for a home or vehicle. Properly securing documents that contain personal identification information such as your full name, date of birth, and social security number is critical in order to protect yourself against identity theft. Several versions are also fireproof and waterproof so your information can also be protected from natural disasters.

secret stash containersDiversion Safes

An affordable dorm safe option that can also double as a household decoration or prop is known as a diversion safe. If you live in a dorm, shared housing, or often host social events then diversion safes are an excellent method to protect your valuables as well as conceal your protection device. Diversion safes blend into your natural surroundings and come in several variations to fit into your specific lifestyle such as books, beverage cans and bottles, food containers, clocks, and hair brushes. Traditional jewelry boxes can easily be identified by potential thieves, which is why diversion safes are a smart alternative and serve as an ideal dorm jewelry safe.

Every student should select a college dorm safe that fits their specific needs and preferences. There are a variety of locking methods such as a traditional key, number or letter keypad, or biometric fingerprint. Each safe typically contains an extra lock or an override lock, which the student can provide to a trusted family member or friend. Dorm security safes provide a simple and transportable method of protection to prevent your valuables from being lost, stolen, or destroyed. Affordable dorm safes provide a lifetime of protection at a minimal cost; therefore, should be a standard dorm room purchase for every college student regardless of budget.

An example of a very popular affordable dorm safe would be the AmazonBasics Security Safe.




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