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AmazonBasics Security Safe – Electronic Lock College Dorm Safe

AmazonBasics Security SafeAmazonBasics Security Safe

AmazonBasics Security Safe is a fantastic electronic safe at a low price point. Overall, the safe performs as it is described and fits essential protection and privacy needs. This small safe can be used for a variety of purposes such as storing small weapons and handguns, ammunition, cash, jewelry, or other small to medium sized valuables. Documents and files containing personal identification information can also be secured within this safe. It is the perfect size so that you do not need to fold identification documents, such as your birth certificate, to make it fit properly.

If you are concerned with potential theft, unauthorized access of your belongings such as weapons or medications, or want to protect your personal information this keypad safe will be an ideal purchase. The setup is incredibly easy and does not require professional installation, which is another major perk of this purchase. Additionally, this safe is good for any age group and demographic given it is not overly complex to use and does not require previous safe or security knowledge. There are pros and cons to this safe as there are with any safe; however, the benefits and user satisfaction far outweigh the safe’s minor imperfections.

Build Quality

AmazonBasics Security Safe is made of pry-resistant steel and is coated with a lovely black exterior finish that makes it sturdy while also visually appealing. The safe does not give off a chemical or manufacturing smell like other safes commonly do. Amazon safes are always shipped with care and are appropriately packaged so that the safe arrives damage-free. You may feel inclined to keep this safe concealed or in a hard to reach area for safety purposes; however, this safe would also look nice in a professional area such as a business or home office. The safe can be bolted so it does not need to be in a concealed location if you desire to keep it in the open.

Several previous reviews commented on the durability of the steel and uncertainty it could withstand force. If someone were to take a crowbar or sledgehammer to this safe it may not maintain its structure, but other than extreme pressure or destruction it seems to be durable and well-manufactured.

If you need a safe that can protect against those types of threats then you may want to consider a much larger and permanent safe. Heavy duty, indestructible safes can easily cost between five to ten times more than the cost of this safe. Therefore, the price point and quality provided make AmazonBasics Security Safe a smart purchase for ordinary protection and privacy needs.

AmazonBasics Security SafeElectronic Keypad and Locking Mechanism

Digital safes offer security as well as convenience, which is why digital keypad safes are gaining popularity in the safe industry. If you need to access your valuables you can immediately unlock the safe instead of needing to locate the physical key first. It is too easy to lose, misplace, or damage physical keys. Also, it is cumbersome to locate the key prior to retrieving your valuables, especially in an emergency or time-sensitive situation.

Keypad safes are a solution to both of these problems and nuisances. It is extremely easy to program the safe and set the pass code given the instructions are included. The pass code can be between 3 to 8 numbers long, so you can create a diversified pass code that is also easy to remember. You should always create a personalized pass code and not use a simple option such as 1-2-3-4. In order for this safe to be effective the pass code needs to be something a thief would not be able to guess in a few attempts. You can also update the pass code at any time if you are concerned that it may have been compromised. Once you enter the pass code the safe opens quickly and the display shows an unlocked symbol.

The only aspect of the keypad that is slightly problematic is the beep sound the keypad makes when you press the buttons. A mute option would make this safe ideal and sound-free for quiet entry. The safe is equipped with an electronic lock with 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant hinges. One of the best features is that the safe comes with not one, but two emergency override keys, in case the keypad battery dies or you forget the keypad passcode.

The override keys are a round key fob that are uniquely shaped and can easily be distinguished from your other standard keys. You can keep one key for yourself and store it in a secure location and provide the second key to a trusted family member or friend. Since this is a digital safe, it requires four AA batteries to operate, which are not included in the purchase. The batteries run for several months or longer based on how often you use the safe. It is a good idea to proactively change the battery every year just as you would do for a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. The keypad is not lighted, so it would be helpful to keep a small flashlight or LED light close by for quick nighttime access if needed.

AmazonBasics Security SafeAmazonBasics Security Safe Interior

The interior design of this safe was given as much detail and care as its exterior. The quality of the interior and its space are impressive and provide a cozy compartment so you feel comfortable storing your most valuable possessions. Despite being a small safe, there is ample room to store and arrange your valuable items as desired. The safe’s carpeted floor creates a scratch-free surface, which is ideal for delicate valuables. This safe can also double as a jewelry box due to its size and scratch-free carpeted surface. The removable shelf is a perfect addition to organize smaller valuable items such as a wallet, passport, license, jewelry, or cash. The shelf can also be completely taken out of the safe as needed in order to store larger valuables.

Bolting System

A nice additional feature of the AmazonBasics Security Safe is that the mounting system is included with your purchase. It adds an additional layer of protection by securely fastening to a hard surface. Four bolts are included and the safe can be mounted from the back or bottom.

For maximum protection, you should utilize the mounting system to permanently bolt the safe or keep the safe in a concealed area in order to prevent a thief from walking off with the entire safe. If your primary concern is keeping children or trusted guests away from personal items, such as weapons or medications, than the mounting system may not be necessary. However, it is a great option to have if your purpose for using the safe changes later on. The instructions to mount and bolt the safe are also included with the setup instructions.


AmazonBasics Security Safe comes in four different sizes: 0.5 Cubic Feet; 0.7 Cubic Feet; 1 Cubic Feet; and 1.2 Cubic Feet. You can select the appropriate size based on the size of your valuables as well as space permitted to store, conceal, or mount the safe. This safe is not waterproof or fireproof, but will fit your needs if you are looking for a safe that will deter thieves and prevent tampering or theft of your valuables. You can also purchase fireproof and waterproof pouches if you have specific items that you would like to protect from such threats. The technical specifications and user manual are available electronically, so if you lose the hard copies you can instantly access an electronic version from your computer or electronic media device.

Overall Rating

Overall, the pros of the AmazonBasics Security Safe far outweigh the minor cons. This keypad safe is cost-effective, well built and designed, easy to use, and meets expectations. It is perfect for college students to use in their dorm rooms and is a good sized affordable college dorm safe. The exterior of the safe is attractive and the interior provides a cozy home for your valuables. The minor cons are the sound of the keypad and uncertainty of how the safe would withstand severe damage. If you are concerned with major damage then it is likely you are looking for a much larger and permanent safe with a much higher price tag. This product provides security and peace of mind without the hefty cost typically associated with safes and storage protection devices. This safe is designed to protect your valuable and private items in order to prevent theft or unauthorized access. While you are away from home, have guests in your home, or if you have small children or elderly family members you will feel confident knowing that your valuables are properly secured.

If you are looking for an Amazon safe you will not be disappointed with this purchase. This safe is low-cost yet effective in design and performance. The ease of use and quality of the safe for its purchase price makes it a great buy for the first-time safe owner as well as the seasoned safe enthusiast. It is easy to order, arrives quickly, simple to install, looks sleek, and most importantly protects your valuables.

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