Gun Safes for Jeeps & Center Console Gun Safes

Gun Safes for Jeeps

Jeeps have a reputation for being easy to break into and so if you have a licenced gun that needs to be stored you will need to make sure it is stored well. There are speciallity safes for jeeps available on the market; styles that are slightly different to your average vehicle gun safe.

These jeep safes can be discreetly fitted within the armrest or under your seat. You can securely store all your firearm, valuables and important documents inside one of these safes and a thief would be none the wiser. Let us take a look at some of their features.

Features: These compact safes come with a variety of features to suit the average consumer.

  1. These safes for jeeps are as strong and rugged as the jeep itself. They are made up of high quality steel.
  2. Some of them are portable and can be mounted onto the dashboard of the vehicle with the help of a mounting bracket.
  3. The slightly bigger vehicle safes are usually affixed inside the console or under the seat.
  4. The center console safes are made to resemble the console itself, so that they could securely blend in with the design. Thus, a burglar wouldn’t even realize that there is a huge safe in your car.
  5. Some of them come with an inbuilt lock and a small key, while others are equipped with biometric and combination locks.
  6. Depending on your requirements, you can purchase heavy or light car safes. If you are going to store your handgun inside, then you would be better off with a compact detachable safe. For all other valuables and documents, you can use a console safe.
  7. Console safes generally come with a 3-point locking system which prevents burglars from prying it open. They are also drill resistant.
  8. Truck vaults differ from normal safes for jeeps in terms of size. They are usually installed beneath the additional flooring at the back of the truck, and can be pulled out whenever required.

Uses: These safes for vehicles have several uses. Let us take a look at a few of the basic ones.

  1. If you have a conceal and carry license you are going to need a vehicle gun safe to store your firearm while you drive.
  2. You can place your driving certificates, licenses, insurance papers, and vehicle registration documents inside the safe to ensure that they don’t get stolen while you are away from the vehicle.
  3. Depending upon the size of your safe, you can store a number of firearms inside. A small center console safe can carry a regular handgun. If you have long-guns then a larger safe would be best for fitting in the back of your vehicle.
  4. You can even store your mobile phones and expensive wrist watches inside.


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