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Pepper-SprayPersonal safety devices for college students need to be an essential purchase for any young woman who is venturing off to college. There are many things to be excited about when transitioning from home to college.

Opportunities and future successes are initiated the first day you step foot on campus. While enjoying the transition, it is also important to recognize and prepare for potential threats on campus.

Personal safety methods and specifically self-defense products for college students should be discussed and purchased prior to arriving to campus. One in five women are sexually assaulted while they are in college. This statistic does not include the ratio of women who are subjected to other types of crime such as theft, physical harassment, or aggravated assault. In order to prevent yourself or someone you know from becoming a victim of such a crime you can proactively identify methods to protect yourself and your loved ones. There are several personal safety devices for college students that can assist in self-defense and ensure you are confident in defending yourself or a friend if needed.

Personal Alarm with Backup Whistle

A personal alarm with a backup whistle is an excellent two-in-one personal safety device for college students. It is a simple first line of self-defense for college students that looks like an unassuming accessory, which can also serve as a keychain to host your car keys or house keys. It can easily be clipped to a purse or backpack for hands-free transportation.

In the event of an emergency situation you can push the activation button, which creates a painfully loud sound. In case the battery dies, there is also a backup security screamer whistle built into the end of the alarm. Potential criminals do not like to draw attention to themselves so a loud sound, such as the activated beep or whistle, could deter a criminal prior to carrying out an act.

Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is a practical and multi-purpose personal safety device for college students. It is a small flashlight that is compact and easy to carry. Despite being small, this flashlight emits a strong and blinding light. There are three different settings: high, low, and strobe. A tactical flashlight emits up to 800 feet of light. The strobe setting may disorient a potential attacker or provide a signal for help during an emergency.

If you are a night owl and enjoy evening activities then a tactical flashlight should be one of your staple personal safety devices. If you are walking in a dark or secluded area you can shine the light in front of you to ensure you are fully aware of your surroundings. It can also be used for entering your home late at night or getting to your vehicle in a dark parking lot. You can store a tactical flashlight in a purse, glove box, college dorm safe or use the clip function to clip it to a jacket or pants. If you enjoy camping, walking pets at night, or evening jogs then a tactical flashlight can be helpful to ensure you are safe during your activities.

SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray is a step up in personal safety devices for college students. The personal alarm with backup whistle and tactical flashlight are simple and helpful tools to scare off potential attackers, but pepper spray actually has the power to temporary disable an attacker. SABRE is a reputable pepper spray manufacturer and  SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray is a popular self-defense product used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Traditional pepper spray is made from a chemical derived from peppers that causes temporary blindness, irritation, and inflammation of the nose, throat, and skin. SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray also includes tear gas for enhanced facial burning as well as UV marking dye, which assists in subject verification. SABRE created this product and its powerful stream in order to provide protection at a safe distance.

It has a ten foot spray range so you can avoid close contact with the subject. An added bonus with pepper spray is that you will never need to worry about replacing batteries or recharging your personal safety device. SABRE provides a four year shelf life from the date of manufacture so you can have years of dependable protection.

SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray

SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray transforms pepper spray into a cute, sleek, and modern form that is fun to carry and stash in your bag. This pepper spray is a popular personal safety device for college students because it combines protection and style. It is disguised so it does not look like an obvious self-defense product, which makes it non-alerting while you are carrying it. SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray provides the same power and ten foot spray range as the SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray.

It is a fun gift to purchase for your female family and friends in order to ensure they are properly equipped for self-defense in the event of an emergency situation. SABRE Lipstick Pepper Spray also provides a four year shelf life from the date of manufacture so you can purchase it and not worry about replacing it for several years. SABRE provides a free training video online as well as safety tips in order to learn how to safely store and use your SABRE self-defense product.

Mini Stun Gun

Another dependable personal safety device that will actually disable a potential attacker is a mini stun gun. A mini stun gun is compact in size and easy to conceal in a purse, backpack, or pocket. It is extremely simple to use and runs on an internal rechargeable battery so you do not need to spend money to replace batteries. When you activate the mini stun gun it creates electric pulsates between the test prongs and has an intimidating electrical sound.

A potential attacker may be dissuaded by the sound of the device. If not, the jolt of the device will send a high voltage shock, which temporarily impairs an attacker. A mini stun gun can be of value for self-defense as well as in defense of a pet against an aggressive dog or animal. Mini stun guns also include safety features to prevent accidental discharge.


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