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An under bed gun safe is a great option if you have guns or personal protection devices that you would like to keep in close proximity while you are sleeping at night.

These safes are designed so that you can keep a gun under your bed for quick use while also keeping it protected from children and your house guests. If you enjoy camping or traveling this safe is also the perfect size to store in the back of a truck or SUV while you are on the road.


There are several different types of under bed gun safes to choose from depending on your preferences. In order to ensure you are satisfied with the size of your safe you should know the dimensions of your weapon in advance of your purchase to know if it will properly fit in the safe. You can easily measure the dimensions if you do not know them off hand. You can estimate the size of additional accessories such as magazines and ammunition that you would like to store in the safe as well. Once you have determined the appropriate size of your under bed gun safe then you can decide which specific model you prefer.

Lock System

The other major decision you will need to make besides the safe’s size is if you prefer an electronic keypad lock or manual key lock. Electronic keypad locks provide quick and easy access in an emergency situation. Typically, the electronic keypad lock is equipped with a programmable code between three to eight digits. Some also offer illuminated keypads as well as advanced settings that provide an option to turn on or off the sound of the keypad. Electronic keypad locks require batteries.

Therefore, it is important to periodically replace the batteries if the model you purchase does not alert you when the batteries are low or dead. Electronic keypad safes usually come with an additional master lock key to be used as a backup key in the event you forget your pass code. If you do not think the electronic keypad version is for you then you can also purchase a traditional manual key lock safe instead. Under bed gun safes are designed for nighttime protection so you are able to open the safe in a matter of seconds in an emergency situation. You should choose the lock system that will provide the most convenience and quick access.

Build Quality

Under bed gun safes are usually built with a heavy duty steel exterior and can weigh on average between 75 to 140 pounds. You will feel confident knowing that your weapons are stored in a durable and solid structure that would be extremely difficult to penetrate. The interior  of the safe typically includes a felt, foam, or carpeted surface to ensure your guns or other valuables stored in the safe do not get scratched or damaged. Most under bed gun safes have a sleek black exterior coating that adds a sophisticated finish. If you are specifically in need of a waterproof or fireproof safe you will want to closely read the safe specifications in order to ensure it fits your requirements.

Security Specifications

Several under bed gun safes come with securing methods such as a cable, mounting system, or both. The cable option is convenient if you plan on moving your safe from under the bed to another room or location. The mounting system is desirable if you plan on leaving the safe under the bed or in another desired location for an extended period of time. For maximum safety and protection of your weapons it is always recommended to mount your safe or utilize a cable to ensure no one removes the safe in its entirety.



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