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Barska Biometric Safe Review

Barska Biometric Safe Review

Barska Biometric Safe

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The Barska Biometric Safe is one of the best gun safes on the market so far. It is getting a phenomenal amount of praise from previous customers and seen as a great buy for anyone looking for a gun safe that allows fast access for owners and good basic security.

No codes to remember! No keys to lose! Just touch your finger to the scanner and within seconds the safe door is open. What you have here is a tough yet compact home safe that can store all kinds of items including small firearms.


This is something more and more people are looking for when buying a safe. Getting to your gun as speedy as possible can mean the difference between safety or getting hurt, if an intruder has broken into your home.

For a small safe it has a good sized interior at 16.25 x 7 x 14.25 inches certainly big enough for storing many small items. It offers a pretty reliable biometric system and a heavy gauge build to deter thieves.


Barska Biometric Safe At A Glance

Biometric Lock Scanner


Guns Storage

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Who Is The Barska Biometric Safe Designed For?

There are many different reasons why people own guns. Probably the most common reasons would be for hunting, target practice and of course self defense. Before buying a gun safe you need to ask yourself what your main reason is for owning a gun as this will help you decide whether this safe is right for you or not.

For example, if your primary reason is for self defense then you would most likely need to be able to get to your gun in a hurry. That would mean owning a safe that has a fast opening door preferably one that pops open on its own, (which this particular safe does). Also, due to the fast opening capabilities of biometric safes they tend to be hugely advantageous when it comes to securing a gun for defense reasons.

Owning a firearm is a great responsibility and a big part of that responsibility is making sure you have a safe and secure place to put your weapon when it is not in use. Before biometric safes, or fingerprint scanners, were ever designed, gun owners would have to put their guns away in the old style combination and key lock safes.

These too are great safes and are still very popular, but if your main reason for having a gun in the home is self defense, then you really need to be looking at a biometric gun safe. This is because of one massive advantage. You never have to worry about remembering any codes, combinations or where you left the keys.

If you are someone who isn’t a fan of memorizing combinations or code numbers then the Barska Biometric Safe is a good choice. If you are in an emergency situation the last thing you want is to try to remember a combination to your safe!

Do you have kids who like to play around with new things in the home? With a biometric safe you decide who has their fingerprints scanned into the memory. This means that if your child hasn’t had their prints memorized then there is no chance of them ever getting into the safe.

This is not designed to be a high security safe due to its size and weight. Nor is it fireproof or waterproof. For added security you can bolt it down to the floor or wall which will certainly prevent any casual burglar from walking away with it and its contents.


Fingerprint SafesBarska Biometric Safe Construction And Design

It measures 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches and weighs in at weighs 31 pounds. It would be considered a medium sized safe but is extremely compact and can be stored in many places. It is roomy inside and big enough to hold 2 full size and one small handgun with ammunition and still have room for other valuables.

As well as other than guns and ammo you can store a variety of other important items such as jewelry, cell phones, cameras, money, etc. You can store documents if you wish but just remember that in the event of a full house fire these items probably won’t be protected. For irreplaceable documents I would invest in a fireproof and waterproof safe.

The fingerprint scanner on the Barska Biometric Safe is very easy to set up. The advanced technology of it allows up to 30 fingerprints to be stored. This means no memorizing combinations or fumbling around for keys. Simply touch the scanner with your finger and 3 seconds later you’re in.

Just so you know, the print reader is quite picky, (which is a good thing). To help with better recognition the best thing to do is program a 2nd or third print of the same finger but at slightly different angles. This will help speed up the recognition process.

Also, it would be smart to capture prints of a couple of fingers on both hands, just in case you have an injury to one hand. Thirty fingerprints can be stored so you may as well use up the full thirty options. Maybe as a precaution scan someone else’s fingerprints a couple of times just in case you are not in the house to open the safe. Of course these fingerprints would belong to someone you trust such as your wife, husband, adult son or daughter, etc.


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BARSKA Biometric Safe

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BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

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Barska Biometric Safe Other Barska Biometric Safe Extras

If for any reason you cannot get into the safe, for example maybe the print reader doesn’t recognize your fingerprint or the batteries run out, there is no need to panic. This Barska safe comes with special keys that allow you to get into the safe in the event that there is a malfunction with the electronics or something.

It is not a quick release system for emergencies as the key lock is located behind the silver plate on the front of the safe which needs to be removed with an allen key. Maybe not a speedy entrance but at least you are not left with a locked safe and no way of getting in.

You may find that there is a loud beep sound when the door is opened. For some, this will be an annoyance and for others it is just what they need. There are advantages and disadvantages of having a beep sound off every time the safe door is opened. You really need to decide for yourself whether this would be a problem for you or not.

Some may think that a beeping sound would alert any intruder to their position. Others will be glad for the beep because if their kids touch the safe lock the alarm will sound and no doubt the child won’t be touching that again!

A definite advantage is if left unlocked after opening, the Barska Biometric Safe will start beeping at about 5 second intervals. Before this occurs there will be a 2 to 3 minute delay.



This really is a great gun safe and you will have a hard time trying to find any faults with it. Barska have really thought of everything. The price may seem like a lot for such a small safe but the quality of its build and its well thought out features and benefits really do make for a top product worth every penny.

For assurance of the quality of this Barska safe you only need to read through some of the reviews written by actual owners to really appreciate its uniqueness. Unlike other big security safe companies Barska have created only a handful of safes and I think this is to their advantage because they have been able to focus 100% on those few safes making them the best they can be. This in turn pleases consumers because they know they are purchasing a quality product that has been well researched before its mass production for the public.

The finger portal lights up where you put your finger which is absolutely essential in instances where you don’t want to turn on the room lights. For extra security I would bolt the safe down by using the pre-drilled holes so that it can be easily mounted to a wall or attached to a shelf or counter top.

All in all there are cheaper biometric safes out there but to tell you the truth the price really isn’t that bad for the quality product that this safe is.


Fig 1

Fig 1

How To Register A Figerprint On Your Barska Safe

Registering your Barska Biometric Safe is a really simple process and just takes a few seconds to set up. Follow the easy steps below:



  1. Push and release the internal registration button. This is located on the inside back edge of the safe, (Fig 1).
  2. Then hold your finger over the biometric sensor at the front of the safe. You will hear a beep and then two more beeps after that. After the last beep remove your finger from the sensor.
  3. Your fingerprint has successfully been stored.

If you hear two short beeps and the red LED starts to flash then this means that the scan was not a success. Repeat the process.

In order to scan multiple fingerprints on this Barska gun safe,(up to 30), repeat the process from step 1.


Barska Biometric Safe User Manual

If you have lost the original operating instructions that came with the safe then feel free to download a copy of the manual: Here



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