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Best College Dorm Safes – College Dorm Room Security Safes

There is not one brand, type, or style that has been deemed the best college dorm safe because the opinion of the college dorm safe depends on the specific preferences of the user, which tend to vary. There are several advantages and disadvantages for every type of dorm security safe; therefore, it is important for the user to assess which features are most important given their lifestyle. The user can educate themselves on all features available and identify which matter the most prior to purchasing a college dorm safe. The safe user should consider purpose, size, and preferred method of securing and locking the safe to ensure they purchase the best college dorm safe to fit their needs.

Students NEED A Dorm Safe

Crime is a sad reality of modern life. It does not matter where you are, you need to take care of your belongings and secure them to prevent theft. This is sometimes easier said than done. Security has become a major issue for students living in college dorm rooms. Simply locking the door is no longer enough to keep your valuables protected.

Part of the reason is that the average college student these days has so many electronic devices, phones, cameras, iPads and digital media, not to mention your college work. You might also have jewelry and other important papers and documents that need to be secured. You simply can not leave this stuff lying around, it will not be safe for very long. The other thing with the college lifestyle is people constantly come and go, many of them strangers. The life of the college student is also very busy and often rushed.

The loss of personal belongings can be massive. The financial implications can be huge as well as the inconvenience and hassle it causes when things have to be replaced. Some things have sentimental value and can never be replaced…college work and memories saved on an electronic device that you can never get back. What is the solution, how do they keep all their possessions away from would be thieves?

The most effective way to do this correctly is to purchase a dorm safe. Sounds pretty simple at first but once you start looking around, you will realize that there are quite a few factors to consider. Selecting a poor safe will give you a false sense of security and not protect your valuables sufficiently.  The wrong safe could also be a major inconvenience and cause you unnecessary headaches. To make the task of purchasing a college dormitory safe, we will guide you through all of the important considerations so that when you have to make a selection, you will be able to make an informed decision and get the one that is just right for your needs.


Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A College Dorm Safe


One of the most important considerations is the purpose for purchasing the safe. If you are looking for dorm jewelry safe then it may be helpful to purchase a safe that has organizational compartments. If you are looking for a dorm security safe to hold any type of self-defense item you may lean towards a safe that has LED lighting available for easy nighttime access. Document safes are another phenomenal option for the student that needs a method to protect their personal identification information such as passport, birth certificate, and social security card. The purpose for purchasing the safe should be understood prior to considering the size and other feature options available.

Size & Style

Given dorm rooms typically have limited space the best college dorm safes are often smaller safes that are still large enough to hold all of your valuable items. Dorm room safes can fit in a desk, under a bed, in a closet, or be in plain sight depending on the user’s preference. It is helpful, but not always necessary, to identify which storage location is ideal so the general size is understood prior to purchasing the college dorm safe.

You are obviously restricted in terms of size as college dorm rooms are not massive. You can not go and get a giant safe that is difficult to get in and takes up half of the space. Having said that, one of the most common mistakes people make is buying a safe that is too small for their needs.

There are two aspects to the size you need to consider, the exterior dimensions and the internal space or capacity of your safe. So, will it fit where you wish to put it and will it be big enough to store everything you need to use the safe for?

To answer the first one, work out exactly where you wish to place the safe and measure the available space. Inside a cupboard or somewhere out of the way that is not immediately visible is always best. Ensure you have the height, width, and depth and make sure doors will not be obstructed and the safe is able to open where you wish to position it. Measure the available space and have these measurements with you when shopping for your safe.

In terms of capacity, you have to be aware that the exterior dimensions and interior could vary considerably depending on the amount of insulation and the thickness of the metal. Measure your biggest item and think about what other things you wish to also include. There might also be additional items you want to store in the safe in the future. Add at least 25% to the capacity you think you need, possibly more if you can.


Do not for a second think that a safe is a safe and they will all protect your valuables equally. Some are a lot stronger and more secure than others. Buying a cheap safe is a waste of time as it will offer little to no protections. Consider the value of the items you wish to protect when evaluating the various options available. Look at the thickness of the metal, the mounting bracket and the lock mechanism. There are a number of strength ratings, just make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Method of Securing and Locking

Dorm safes with cables are the ideal type of college dorm safes for students that plan on moving or changing housing every year. If the student intends on staying in the same living space then it may be best to purchase a safe that physically mounts or bolts to a hard surface. It is also important to consider which locking method is preferred by the user. Traditional key, number or letter keypad, or biometric fingerprint are all readily available options. Also, every dorm room safe will have an extra lock key or an override lock key for use if the user forgets the keypad code or loses the original key.

There are mini dorm room safes available in every budget range; therefore, pricing can be considered once the type of safe and size is determined. Typically, the best college dorm safes are small, portable, and easy to use. However, it is important to assess all of the criteria in order to find a college dorm safe that will fit your needs and most importantly properly protect and store your valuables.

Locking Mechanism

There are a number of options when it comes to locking the safe. You certainly do not want an old fashioned safe that uses a key as it is a big responsibility and risk to look after the key and have somewhere safe to store a spare key. Keys are also bulky and make opening the safe time-consuming. Digital safes are much more convenient and biometric safes even better as they offer extra protection and ensure that only you or a pre-authorized person will be able to open the safe.

A biometric safe works with your fingerprint or hand-print and is a very secure way to operate a safe. They are slightly more expensive than a normal digital safe or an old fashioned combination safe but they are a lot more secure and extremely convenient.

Advantages of a Digital Safe

There are a number of advantages that a digital safe will provide. The first and most important is convenience.  With older, cumbersome safes it takes a while to open and close them, it can be quite a chore. A digital safe is quick and easy to open and close so you will be much more likely to use it as opposed to putting valuables in a drawer or under the pillow because it is too much hassle to open the safe.

A digital safe with a coded keypad takes a second to open and a biometric safe is even faster.  This makes it more practical to open and close meaning it will be used when necessary. Some digital safes include an alarm that will sound if tampered with and most have an illuminated keypad or touch pad.

A digital safe will allow you to change the combination as often as you wish. It is a quick and simple procedure. A mechanical safe would require the time and expense of a professional locksmith to change.  This is a great security feature where codes might have to be shared for some reason. You can quickly change the code as needed. With a biometric safe, you can add and delete other authorized users as required.

Other factors to consider include the degree of fire protection the safe provides. Some are specifically designed for fire protection while others do not offer much in that regard. Some safes are carpeted on the inside which helps to protect your valuables as they go in and out of the safe. Another important thing to consider is your budget; the safe has to be affordable. Again, it pays to consider the value of the valuables you wish to protect, this will give you some guideline as to how much to spend on a safe.

The cost of one of these safes is a fraction of the value of the items you will secure inside. It just takes the wrong person at the wrong time and something of value can disappear from your dorm room. Some of these items, like electron gadgets, might have data or information that you are unable to get back. It is not worth the risk of not having an easy, convenient safe.

Investing in a quality student dorm safe will give you peace of mind and assurance that your possessions are safe when you are away as well as when you are in and out of your room. Unfortunately, crime is increasing, even in dorms and one has to face the reality. For a hassle-free solution, fit a decent safe to protect your belongings. You won’t regret it.

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