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Best College Dorm Safes – College Dorm Room Security Safes

There is not one brand, type, or style that has been deemed the best college dorm safe because the opinion of the college dorm safe depends on the specific preferences of the user, which tend to vary. There are several advantages and disadvantages for every type of dorm security safe; therefore, it is important for the user to assess which features are most important given their lifestyle. The user can educate themselves on all features available and identify which matter the most prior to purchasing a college dorm safe. The safe user should consider purpose, size, and preferred method of securing and locking the safe to ensure they purchase the best college dorm safe to fit their needs.


One of the most important considerations is the purpose for purchasing the safe. If you are looking for dorm jewelry safe then it may be helpful to purchase a safe that has organizational compartments. If you are looking for a dorm security safe to hold any type of self-defense item you may lean towards a safe that has LED lighting available for easy nighttime access. Document safes are another phenomenal option for the student that needs a method to protect their personal identification information such as passport, birth certificate, and social security card. The purpose for purchasing the safe should be understood prior to considering the size and other feature options available.


Given dorm rooms typically have limited space the best college dorm safes are often smaller safes that are still large enough to hold all of your valuable items. Dorm room safes can fit in a desk, under a bed, in a closet, or be in plain sight depending on the user’s preference. It is helpful, but not always necessary, to identify which storage location is ideal so the general size is understood prior to purchasing the college dorm safe.

Method of Securing and Locking

Dorm safes with cables are the ideal type of college dorm safes for students that plan on moving or changing housing every year. If the student intends on staying in the same living space then it may be best to purchase a safe that physically mounts or bolts to a hard surface. It is also important to consider which locking method is preferred by the user. Traditional key, number or letter keypad, or biometric fingerprint are all readily available options. Also, every dorm room safe will have an extra lock key or an override lock key for use if the user forgets the keypad code or loses the original key.

There are mini dorm room safes available in every budget range; therefore, pricing can be considered once the type of safe and size is determined. Typically, the best college dorm safes are small, portable, and easy to use. However, it is important to assess all of the criteria in order to find a college dorm safe that will fit your needs and most importantly properly protect and store your valuables.



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