Heavy Duty Large Combination Gun Safes – Solid Steel Construction

Tough, Quality Large Combination Gun Safes

Keep your large collection of weapons safe and protected with the help of one of the heavy duty large combination gun safes.

Leaving guns in a place that is within easy reach of unauthorized people or children can lead to a regrettable situation. For this reason it is essential to invest in a large gun safe to avoid the potential firearm-related incident.

The large and heavy duty safe has the ability to accept a high number of weapons, larger rifles, pistols, (perhaps 14-30 guns and rifles), as well as related accessories and ammo. It is worth considering the extra degree of safety that a gun safe can bring to the home and especially those with children in attendance.

Also, it is imperative to invest in the highest quality combination safes from a trusted and establish manufacturer, (Stack-On, Secure-It, Barska, Legion, etc.). The traditional standup safes are the preferred design with the solid, secure build and large storage capabilities. Avoid the low-quality alternatives in the market because they aren’t up to the job of protecting your firearms.

Heavy Duty Gun Safe Features

A preferred large safe should be built like a tank with a solid steel construction that is very heavy and can’t be easily moved. Many of the large safes can weigh 450 to 650 pounds. This means there is no way to move the safe without relying on a team of movers. Plus, there is the option to further secure it by using the pre-drilled holes to bolt it to the floor. These dedicated gun safes are so well built that they are even able to stand up to a 2-story fall without breaking.

Heavy Duty Gun Safe Interior Layout

Most heavy duty large combination gun safes are very adaptable and make it possible to adjust the interior to organize the rifles and handguns in a single, safe location. The customizable dividers and shelves make it really easy to create the right storage configuration to match the specific types of rifles and handguns you want to store.

Combination lock

Safes are secured with a big combination dial lock which is easily open by entering the correct number and cranking the wheel to retract the 3 to 4 solid bolts at 1 to 1-1/2 inch in thickness. The lock mechanism is further protected with a drill-resistant steel plate behind the dial, which is certain to stop any intruder in their tracks.

Fire and water protection

Beyond the ability to protect against theft, many of the heavy duty gun safes are manufactured to stand up to heat from a fire. Any worthwhile safe is likely to have fire protection in the region of 1400° to 1750° Fahrenheit for a period of 30 to 60 minutes. Plus, the ability to resist water is a further feature, with certain models able to remain submerged for up to 72 hours without a problem. This is a further real reason to go with the high-end safe because they are able to provide the more all-inclusive protection.

Other standard features are likely to include carpeting to pad and protect the firearms, ammo, accessories and other valuables.

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